Smart Switch Board


Smart Switch Board is a touch screen switch board which is safe and secure and provides lot of function to handle all the working devices from a single spot. Smart switch board detects presence and absence of your phone and activates accordingly. It is designed for all age groups like it come with regulator for old people, one can operate manually by touch screen and others can use from the app also. It is customizable and reliable at once. Smart switch board comes in attractive designs and is energy saving equipment.



Mobile Operated

A Switchboard as young & as smart as you operated with mobile.

Easy & Wireless Access

The most convenient & interactive way to control all your appliances remotely

Enhanced Smart Features

Operate lights, fan and activate ambient scenes through your mobile phone

For all Generations

The Switch Board is designed to cater all ages of people.


  • Energy Saving : Energy cost reduction due to power through solar panel.
  • Silent : Silent Operation of motor because of design and use of timing belt.
  • Obstacle Detection : Feature of obstacle detection to avoid overheating of motor.
  • Up and Down Control : 'Up' and 'Down' inputs by a push button, Remote control
  • Smooth Rise : Due to cordless feature the curtains can be smoothly raise up and down with the help of remote. Your blinds stay right where you put them.